As we all know, cats are capable of being extremely affectionate and affectionate when needed. and also very good at demanding attention as well. When the meow’s call sounded, the slave rushed forward to find it. which the cat did not use to seek attention or only begging for slaves Because it also makes cats love and reconcile with each other. even if they are rivals

However, the cuteness of the cat can overcome everything. Even cats can fall in love with each other. Because of the cuteness, brightness, innocence and extremely persuaded, so today we have compiled pictures of the cuteness of the cats when they are together for everyone to see. How cute is it? Let’s go see it together.

1. On the day that the two of them love each other very well, the mother is very happy and the child (I don’t usually see this picture).

2. I didn’t think that in just 3 days, the two will become close so quickly. Today, I took my kids to see the view outside the window.

3. In the end, who will this seat belong to?

4. The main boxing match is about to begin…but don’t worry, every time it can end well.

5. A warm hug during a deep sleep

6. It’s okay, my friend goes to live with Lao. (Ask the owner first?)

7. If you sit still and stare like this Believe it or not, there must be some event happening for sure.

8. Aren’t you going to sleep?

9. New friends who love each other very much stick together

10. Determined to adopt one But I don’t want the siblings to be separated into 2 at all (will they be able to raise them?)

11. We love each other very much. Let’s see.

12. I believe that everyone must be very jealous of me when they see this photo.

13. Not as often as you think… Once in a while you’ll see these two cats lying hand in hand.

14. Actually Lao is patient!! 

15. Photos that are 4 months apart. Cats are growing up so fast. 

16. Usually, the two of them never hugged. Even sitting next to each other is difficult.

17. I don’t want to imagine what will happen in the next 4 months. 

18. All 3 facial expressions can be seen in this photograph.

19. Or are the two of them falling in love?

20. At first I was secretly worried that the new cat was adopted. Will it get along with the cat at home or not? I feel relieved to see this.