The Chinese military deployed more than 100 military aircraft, including fighters and bombers, on the first day of drills around the island of Taiwan.

According to footage from China’s central broadcaster CCTV, aircraft participating in today’s drills include China’s most advanced stealth fighter J-20 and refueling aircraft. newly launched Y-20U.

China’s Eastern Theater Command said more than 100 of these military aircraft were on reconnaissance and support missions on the first day of Beijing’s largest military exercise around the island of Taiwan. In addition, more than 10 destroyers were deployed to prevent access to the exercise area and to help coordinate the tests.

Taiwan ‘s Defense Ministry said 11 Dongfeng ballistic missiles fired by the Chinese military today were aimed at the waters northeast and southwest of the island, in an area announced by Beijing to be banned from shipping. and approaching aircraft. According to the agency, 22 Chinese fighter jets crossed the “middle line” over the Taiwan Strait on the first day of the exercise.

“Air defense missile systems” were deployed to monitor and radio warnings were sent out, Taiwan’s defense ministry said.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense identified nine missiles fired, of which five landed in the country’s exclusive economic zone.

“All missiles hit the target, tested the ability to hit accurately. The entire training mission of real-life firing has been successfully completed, the restrictions on the relevant sea and airspace have been lifted.” , Eastern Theater Command said in a statement, adding that multiple conventional missile launches took place this afternoon.

Taiwanese media reported that the island’s air defense force sent Mirage 2000 and F-5 fighter jets to monitor the situation before the PLA began the exercise. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said it was closely monitoring developments.

Chinese ships and aircraft take part in an exercise near the island of Taiwan on August 4.  Photo: AFP.

Chinese ships and aircraft take part in an exercise near the island of Taiwan on August 4. Photo: AFP .

China’s drills come a day after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi left the island of Taiwan. Ms. Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on August 2, despite repeated warnings from Beijing, causing US-China tensions to escalate as Beijing considers it an ominous provocation.

The drill location is in the Taiwan Strait, Ba Si Canal, East China Sea and Pacific Ocean. One of the six drill areas is located less than 20 kilometers from Kaohsiung City, on the southern island of Taiwan.